Best Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Guide & Reviews

“PLAN-ter fash-ee-EYE-tus” – for those who suffer from this ailment, plantar fasciitis is as painful as the pronunciation of the word itself, or maybe even more. However, it is self-treatable and so you can save the money that you would otherwise spend on a doctor’s fee. But before you can start rejoicing over that, what exactly is Plantar Fasciitis? Heel pain, that’s exactly what it is. The cause of this heel pain is also what gives the ailment its name – it is the plantar fascia tissue (ligament) that is present in your foot. It is a flat band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toe and provides a support to the arch of your foot. So if you strain your plantar fascia, it gets weaker with time, swells up, and becomes irritated or inflamed. This is what makes your feet feel the pain when you walk around or stand.

Best Balance Shoes - Top Picks

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The Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Tired of all the speech? Let’s get to the actual stuff – let me list down some of the best new balance shoes for plantar fasciitis. This will give you an idea about the best brands and make your choosing work faster and easier.

New Balance 990v3

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If you need to look fashionable even when you are trying to treat your pained feet, you should pick this one up. Durable, sturdy and built to last, these stylish shoes provide with the best medical support and comfort. 

Not just that, the reflective detailing adds a dash of the cool-quotient to these shoes which add a bling to your overall outfit. It seems that the entire new balance 990 series is built to perfection and the company’s constant efforts of improvement are visible in each of the shoe models under this series.

And 990v3 is yet another one of these heroes with plenty of effective padding in the soles and the tongue of the shoe and the removable orthotic insoles, this shoe can be your best bet at treating plantar fasciitis. These shoes come with motion control features and thereby, help to prevent pronation. Available in variable sizes, they are also available separately for men and women. Such classic features and additions over the last model make it an ideal choice for people seeking foot pain relief.

New Balance Men’s MW928

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Welcome to the world of new balance’s classic leather walking shoes with rubber insoles featuring a lace up vamp to secure the shoe perfectly and thick cushioned collars to give that extra support around the ankles. 

Probably the most comfortable of all the walking shoes by new balance, this model gives you the ultimate stability and cushioning with its stabilizing rollbar technology and absorb midfoot cushioning.

The stabilizing rollbar technology proves to be amazingly supportive, while the midfoot cushioning never fails to provide the necessary comfort to your feet. It seems like the MW928 was tailored to provide supreme lateral stability and comfort. This model seems to be gaining popularity every single day. This 1.6 ounce will truly be your buddy when you hear the next feature – seamless odor-resistant phantom liner with a walking strike path outsole.

You cannot refuse something as good as this one. This shoe is probably tailor made for every plantar fasciitis sufferer who needs their feet to be treated with the utmost care and that is exactly what this shoe does. The soft cushioning, lace up vamp and rubber soles gives your feet a tight grip both on the outside and inside. So if you are vulnerable to over-pronation, this shoe would be your best choice.

New Balance Women’s WL696 Summer Utility Classic Sneaker

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Plantar fasciitis is not sexist and neither are the shoes from new balance. Both of them happen to be there for both women and men. 

So if you are a woman who is suffering from plantar fasciitis, New Balance has comfort shoes for you too, lady. And don’t worry, they come with encapsulated heels so you will still look taller and smarter while your foot gets to attend its pain relief session! Some of its classic features include an EVA midsole along with heel cushioning, for sheer comfort all throughout the day. The shoe uses leather and fabric, the fabric is to ensure optimum ventilation and breathability for your foot.

Available in different sets of colors, these shoes are perfect fashion wise too. The sole which is made of rubber comes with unique tread patterns that give you the right amount of grip and lets you move around comfortably, without slipping or falling. As I mentioned earlier, this shoe has an encapsulated heel (which is not very high because a high heel would only aggravate the plantar fasciitis scenario) within and the heel area has been padded sufficiently to provide you with some good cushioning and comfort, without adding too much weight to the shoe.

New Balance Men’s M940V2 Running Shoe

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For the people who love to keep fit but the paining feet keeps troubling them, New Balance has a mate – the M940V2 running shoe. 

Designed in the USA and imported, this pair has been tailored to meet all the comfort levels of a person who wishes to run or jog or exercise in spite of plantar fasciitis. Its fabric bodice provides the required levels of ventilation so your feet does not sweat too much while you are working out and the rubber sole provides the grip to prevent pronation.

Though much lighter than its predecessor M940V2 has been successful enough to retain the reliability and stability that had made the M940 model so popular in the market. The shoe comes with some fantastic state of the art features which include N2 cushioning technology in the heel area (which enhances the shock absorption), T-beam shank (this feature has been included to prevent over-pronation of the foot).

What’s more? Well, to make your run extra comfortable the company has gone on to provide the best in class cushioning with the inclusion of stabilicore technology in this product. On the whole, these tough built shoes are your perfect run partner. It’s built makes it durable and strong. I can wager that New Balance’s M940V2 will give you the best run of your life and plantar fasciitis will not be a thing to worry about!

The Diagnosis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. However, it is not the only cause. So if your heel is hurting, you need to be sure if it is plantar fasciitis that is ailing you. This infirmity is more common in middle-aged people but can be the cause of distress for young and elderly people as well. The tissue essentially supports the arch on your foot. So anything that disrupts the natural position/posture of the arch can cause the tissue to strain, leading to plantar fasciitis.

People with high feet arches or flat feet both are prone to this malady alike. Other than that, if you are overweight, or spend too much time walking or standing or are fond of wearing high-heeled shoes all the time, you might be up for this sore thing! As most people with plantar fasciitis share, they have experienced pain when they take their first steps getting out of bed or after having sat for a long time.

The initial steps will feel painful but that is just a teensy bit and it will reduce when you start walking and stepping more. Climbing up the stairs or standing for long hours may trigger off the more intense pain. In that case, you suffer from foot pain at night while you are sleeping, it is not plantar fasciitis but something other than that.

Possible Remedies to Ease the Pain

Plantar fasciitis can be mild or stubborn. Many people get rid of the pain without having to go through much of a routine. A little massage/foot rub and comfy shoes may provide relief if you suffer only the mild type. But for the stubborn type you need something more. For the ailment concerns itself with the foot arch, possible remedies too, target the arch area. Silicone foot pads and shoe support may be of some help, but the New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis are working wonders.

These shoes with special foot arch support help to speed up the recovery process. When choosing shoes or insoles to treat plantar fasciitis, arch support is one of the most important factors to consider. A firm and good arch support help to prevent more pronation and ensures that the foot remains in the natural posture.

What Makes a Shoe a Right Kind of Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis?

If you google plantar fasciitis, you will probably bump onto the many exercises that are suggested for the treatment of the same. However, spraining your fascia ligament all the more while you are trying to do all those exercises to relieve the pain is probably not a good idea. So, if you can, get hold of these new balance, that will help your feet’s arch to remain relaxed and in its natural position while you try to relieve the pain with those twists and turns. And while you are out buying, just remember to check for some key features that are a must for any good shoe that treats plantar fasciitis.

First of all, you will have to make sure that the shoes that you buy do have good, firm arch supports. If not, drop the pair right there and move to the next one. A plantar fasciitis shoe without an arch support is like a school without teachers – pointless! Foot rolling or pronation is another painful thing that too can cause severe pain in the feet and hence results in plantar fasciitis. And this is exactly why it is always a good idea to get hold of motion control shoes. The rigid and firm motion control shoes are designed to prevent overpronation or roll back of the feet.

If you have to realign your foot to a more natural position and thus, reduce gait abnormalities and the heel arch pain, these (motion control shoes) are just the right kinds of shoes for you. You know what makes a perfect shoe? Shoes with good heel cushions that provide the adequate amount of padding and support to the feet are the ones. Orthotic shoes, especially do incorporate the state of the art gel cushioning to reduce the shock meted out to the foot during high-pressure impact, and also while normal usage such as when walking or running continually.

Finally, look for the quality that you look for in all the other shoes – durability. Once you invest your money into buying yourself a good pair of supportive shoes, you would not want it to fall apart in a month or two, right? So look for shoes that belong to good brands and invest a little extra if you have to. Cheap alternatives might end up giving you pain in other regions of your foot as well. Right alignment of the shoe’s soles is what is essential to treat infirmities such as plantar fasciitis. Cheap shoes might not provide you with that. So to save yourself from all the tension and harassment, keep checking for the aforementioned features and you’d be good to go!

So if you wish to avoid a worse pain scenario buy the pair that fits you well. New Balance shoes offer models for both men and women and hence it should not be a problem for anybody at all. The footwear they manufacture is specifically tailored with the goal of ameliorating symptoms of a painful and inflamed ligament (plantar fascia). The brand does not merely produce shoes, it caters to the specific needs of walkers, runners, athletes and unfortunate people who are required to stand all day at their job and plantar fasciitis for them is an occupational hazard. So, take your time, reason out your choices and then pick up your pair wisely. I hope you get well soon and you plantar fascia ligament goes back to its original non-inflamed peppy mode!

The Final Word

Choosing one from among such wonderful choices can be quite a task. But always remember, before you actually buy a product, set your own priorities down if you want running shoes do not end up buying walking shoes. Instead look for the best running shoes. While you are treating plantar fasciitis, it is essential that you buy shoes that fit you perfectly well. Shoes with lace-up vamps allow you to get that perfect snug fit. A loose fit would mean increased chances of rolling of the foot (pronation).

  • Updated December 28, 2016
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