Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – Guide & Reviews

Our Pick for Men: Adidas Performance Samba Classic
Our Pick for Women: Adidas Performance X 15.4

Soccer is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially when you consider the huge amount of stamina you need to play the game. Certainly, while most of us do idolize Ronaldo or Messi, and the occasional Inniesta, it is entirely a different story when the day of reckoning is upon us and we are called upon to play. The advent of Indoor soccer thus serves many purposes, the foremost of them being that one doesn’t need to run as much as conventional soccer.

However, as I had learned it the hard way, one must never compromise with footwear when it comes to Indoor soccer. There is a lot of underfoot play involved and your feet also need a lot of cushioning. Voila! The Indoor Soccer shoes. Designed specifically to protect your feet and help you maintain balance while playing this sport, these shoes are a must when it comes to playing.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes - Top Picks

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A Review of Some of the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Shoe makers have, more often than not, fiercely competed to gain dominance in the football shoe arena. Now, the prospective customer is given a plethora of options and brands to choose from when it comes to buying Indoor soccer shoes. As any prospective player who has ever played indoor soccer would know, the fast tempo and the high-intensity nature of small sided games mean your choice of footwear is extremely vital. Sportswear brands know this as well and almost all of them have now created a wide range of shoes specifically designed for 5-aside games.

Adidas Performance Samba Classic

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The Adidas Performance Samba Classic is the crème-de-la-crème of indoor soccer shoes. Made from original conventional leather, these shoes being soft and extremely comfort inducing makes them very pliable even for use outside the playing arena. 

The shoes, being the best in the business, help the user whether a professional or amateur exercise plenty of control on the game.

The Adidas Performance is equipped with a lot of features like an expensive sole and a hand sewed textile lining that helps the user use the product effortlessly for long hours of play. The stealer feature of the shoe is that it can even be used to play on basketball courts and squash circuits due to its traction heel that is nonslip. The shoe is, as one can see, an instant classic and can be easily bent, washed and durable and can be effortlessly used for daily casual use and sports use alike.

Adidas Performance Messi 15.3

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Calling all you Messi fans! If like Messi (duh), pitch domination seems to be the thing that you aim for then you will need to have the right shoe (and this just happens to be it) and Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe happens to be the best step that you could possibly take in the right direction. 

It arrives and in style. Strike, Pass and Score with unmatched precision. The Shoe’s special outsole provides absolute control when you are in the playing arena.

The shoe, made from synthetic and durable materials sports a non-marking outsole that allows it to be used on basketball courts and the like surfaces. The shoes are comfortable, stylish and modern, that goes without saying. However, it takes quite a while to break into the shoe and get used to it. And beware all you Plebs – A pair of these don’t come cheap.

Nike Hypervenom Indoor

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In 2013 Nike launched the Hypervenom and it has become a firm favorite with football players and fans alike. 

The boot incorporated the style and technology you would expect in an Indoor soccer shoe from Nike to have and is designed with attackers in mind while focusing on aiding agility as much as possible which contributes to it becoming the perfect shoe for indoor soccer.

Nike knew this very well of course and that is why it was followed by a number of variations of the boot including ones specifically designed for small-sided, indoor matches. As with any successful series of football boot, Nike, last year released the Hypervenom II which was built on the successes of the first generation and included Nike’s Flywire technology offering enhanced touch and agility.

Nike MagistaX

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The MagistaX differs slightly from the iconic Hypervenom with reference to the technology used in the design process and the overall style of the boot. 

The MagistaX focuses more on overall control and passing of a football ideal for those playing in the midfield area who need to cover a lot of ground and yet maintain possession of the ball.

Puma Classic Indoor

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Puma was a late entrant in this category and yet there aren’t many indoor soccer boots as aptly named as the Puma Classics which is exactly that. 

Once worn by the who’s who of Indoor Soccer, the Puma Classic Indoor is perfect for anyone looking for durable shoes made especially for indoor soccer. Made from lightweight leather, the classic is aimed for a no nonsense defender and although the style may look a tad too outdated when compared to some of the technology filled shoes, it doesn’t mean they won’t be just as effective.

Why Should Boys Have All the Fun?

Gone are the days when soccer was a sport restricted to men. With the advent of Women’s soccer, these shoes are designed especially for the She who wishes to play the game.

Adidas Performance X 15.4

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The Adidas Performance, much like its male counterpart, is quite simply the best one can get at money’s worth. 

Made from synthetic leather, the durable fabric allows the shoe to be quick, agile, maintain a strong grip and yet never miss out on the occasional fast turn. The shoes, specially designed for the girls. They are narrow enough to ensure a better fit and enable a good grip. They have a comfortable soft feel, are durable and very easy to clean. The best part about theses shoes is its pricing. They are extremely budget friendly and you can procure a pair without burning a hole in your pocket. The shoes, however, have to wear for a certain period of time before one can actually use it for sports.

Adidas Predito Instinct

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These indoor football shoes, made especially for women have been designed to let her dominate the indoor soccer arena.

They really help one control the ball and connect with it like no shoe ever has. The shoe made from synthetic and abrasion resistant leather, is extremely durable without compromising on agility. It is equipped with a rubber outsole for delivering maximum traction which in turn allows you better runs, accelerations, and turns. The lace-up design is unmatched in terms of design and comfort. Every pull on the laces adjusts the whole shoe, giving one an overall fit. The breathable mesh lining rules out any possibility of sore feet post match. And to end it all, they are very easy to clean.

Where to Buy Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Procuring the optimum pair of Indoor soccer footwear enables one to make a conscious choice between efficiency, cost, and function. With the advent of a state-of-the-art technology, companies like Nike, Adidas and Puma are taking products to delicate perfection, and as a direct result, sports gears seldom sells cheap. Likewise, procuring the highest shoes of the finest quality for a game of indoor soccer will squeeze some big bucks out of your pockets.

Gone those days when sports meant throwing stones to each other – it’s a cruel, civilized world, somewhat funny, too, yes – they WILL get under your skin and put you in their shoes. It is in this context that one needs to be aware of all corresponding details to find which suits you the most, which will be comfortable and stylish and yet extremely durable for years to come.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

As far as indoor football footgear is concerned, there are relevant considerations to be made. The sporting surfaces that one would play on are to be considered, for instance, if the surface is mostly wooden or plastic then it is advisable to use rubber soles.

Unlike shoes which use cheap plastic as base material, indoor soccer shoes of the finer quality usually are manufactured using four chief fabrics – leather, mesh, only synthetic and synthetic leather. Many of the leading companies prefer using calf skin or goat leather to create their products. Original leather is the most expensive option that you could choose and it has a superior feel. For the ones with limited budget options, there are more durable options than original leather.

Another conventional and yet popular material you could consider using is synthetic leather. This material is comparatively cheaper to produce than traditional leather (not to mention eco-friendly too), which directly reduces the price tag of the footwear (sic). Many of the top brands use it and it is quite difficult to differentiate it from conventional leather. Synthetic leather also has the added advantage of water resistance so you could always play in wet conditions even outdoors.

It is important for you to make a decision based on the materials you wish to use and the benefits and costs that you are likely to incur. Another material you could consider is mesh. The advantages of using mesh are that they make the shoes lighter, breathable and cheaper. These qualities do make it,in all cases, a proper choice.

Investing in Indoor soccer footwear: The Why’s and How’s

Indoor soccer is in the playing zone, a much faster game than its outdoor counterpart. The wooden or the plastic surface area makes the ball move a whole lot faster. A whole lot faster than it would on conventional surfaces like grass. This faster pace of the game dictates that the player reaction is equally fast in terms of keeping the pace of the game.

When wearing proper footwear for playing football indoors, you tend to get a better balance than you would get when wearing conventional shoes. While playing indoors, you tend to make a greater amount of turning and cutting, you would want to ensure that your foot has the maximum possible contact possible with the surface without inhibiting your movement. Most indoor football shoes are designed with a flat sole and grip patterns which are essential in preventing ankle injuries.

Another reason why you need to use indoor footwear when playing indoors is that their uppers are designed to allow you have a better fit. Void the common mistakes. One must never use running for indoor soccer, as most running shoes tend to have thick soles. This makes it very unstable when used on hard surfaces. Indoor soccer shoes come with a unique non-marking, gum rubber sole which ideally helps in making quick turns.

The Economics of Buying a Pair of Indoor Soccer Shoes

It is quite impossible to estimate the cost of an evening worth of fun with your family over a game of indoor soccer. That is priceless. However, let me make you aware of the factors that will influence the price of your shoes. It would depend on the materials, design and the additional features as well as the brand. These factors could push back the price by a few hundred dollars depending on how you choose.

How Different Are Outdoor and Indoor Soccer Shoes?

As I have already implied before, indoor soccer shoes are designed to play only the indoor variant of soccer and therefore, it is no surprise that it boasts a much better enhanced and adaptive gameplay as to outdoor soccer shoes. The soles of the indoor soccer shoes are flat and low cut. Because the game is played on wooden or plastic surfaces, it is advised that players use the stipulated shoes.

The outdoor shoes are made specifically for the wide variety of the game that involves a lot more running and comparatively lot less finesse. The outdoor shoes aim more at distance and stamina conservation and less on friction utility and turns.


When buying indoor soccer shoes, it is imperative that you do some research. The fast pace of the game dictates that players develop control and having a footwear are essential for that. One golden rule that helps always is to remember that the cheapest shoes are not really the poorest in terms of quality. So learn, and learn well. For, the sky’s the limit!

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