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When it comes to jobs that demand quick time action and a constant state of alertness, nursing can be put right into the category of the most stressful jobs. Since the job itself is demanding and hectic, proper attire can make it a little more bearable. According to the US statistic, almost 33% of the nurses alone suffer from severe backaches and stiff feet. These symptoms can be attributed to the incorrect shoes worn in a job which requires standing up for long hours. While choosing one might be a hard task in itself, the basics of choosing one must not be ignored.

Best Nursing Shoes - Top Picks

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Reviews of the Best Nursing Shoes

The Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

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This particular type of shoe is made up of an anti-bacterial lining, which in itself is a great prevention for foul odors that can accumulate in the clog. This is coupled with an arch that is built to provide maximum comfort and a midsole which. 

When combined with the outsole, it provides shock absorption, the likes of which can be found in most athletic shoes. The arch also maintains natural feet shape and a firm foot that reduces fatigue considerably.

The outsole is slip resistant so that working in greasy or wet conditions become considerably easier without the risk of slipping or skidding. In addition to, The Dansko Women’s Professional Clog has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association with a seal of acceptance, and since they work in favor of providing better shoes, who are we to complain? If you are a nurse with an extremely busy schedule, then you’ll definitely fall in love with these shoes.

Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog

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Innovative and fun, Crocs are the leading market when it comes to providing comfortable footwear for nurses, and Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog is no exception.

Lightweight and soft, these Crocs are not only comfortable to wear, but their special odor resistant technology keeps feet from smelling gross after a hard day’s work.

It is made for a demanding job, hence, it has plenty of room while maintaining a firm feet and good feet health. The outsole of the Crocs is slip resistant, therefore, it provides protection from falling as such. A heel-hugging back strap ensures that the shoes don’t slip off while in a rush, and provides steady movements. Special bonus points go to the fact is that it comes with a comfortable footbed that massages your feet as you walk around, thus, making standing up for hours bearable.

Crocs are made for both style and comfort, and these are a perfect example of both. Best suited for medical students and staff who work all day, these crocs will make sure that your back and feet don’t hurt.

Algeria Women’s Paloma Flat

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Stylish, comfortable and professionally adept, Algeria Women’s Paloma Flat is for those ladies who want to rock the look as well as the job. 

Designed with stylish animal prints in leather, put together with a beautiful button detailing, you’ll want to keep these on for a long time. It is guaranteed to make your feet happy and become your go-to shoes, especially if you work in the medical field. It does something that most mainstream clogs do not: it has a removable insole that can be replaced with something better of your choice.

However, their superior insole can help with a painful foot condition, for though it is stylish, it does not sacrifice comfort. It is made to be breathable so that your feet do not break into the sweat and cause you immense discomfort. With this handy little feature, you’ll never have foot odor, something which we all appreciate after a long day. It also has an integrated arch support to help you fight the lack of such, and the footbed, designed to be anatomically correct, follows the natural contour of your feet.

The outsole is designed especially with rocker technology. What does it do? If you suffer from heel pain, this will take care of it, with the help of a specially designed rolling technology. It will also help with keeping the central metatarsal pressure to a minimum. The rocker outsole, which is highly innovative, helps with proper posture and maintains your natural walking gait. The Clog is fitted with a roomier depth which allows your toes free movement, and a flat bottom to maintain stability.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip Resistant Work Shoe

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Male nurses, fret not, the universe hasn’t forgotten about you! This handsome pair of work shoes is your best friend on duty because it comes with a variety of nifty features that will take care of your feet without your intervention.

This pair features not only a full grain leather upper but is also waterproof and supremely easy to clean and maintain. With a cushioned insole, this shoe is also paired with a unique air-cushion found right in the midsole, providing the male nurse with a lot of stability while working in strenuous and stressful conditions. What’s more, the outsole is made with SureGrip rubber which makes the shoe extremely slip resistant.

The footbed of Merrell Men’s Work shoes is removable, which, in turn, enables you to stand on your feet comfortably, without straining your ankles and joints with the sole of your personal choice. The shoe’s nylon arch shank and the EVA footbed are great for absorbing shocks. You wouldn’t have to worry about the odor in these shoes because the lining has been treated with anti-bacterial and anti-sweat properties to keep your feet dry and smell-free.

These shoes provide really good traction owing to its sticky rubber outsole, especially when you end up walking on wet and slippery surfaces. These are slip-ons, and they are durable as much as they are sturdy in nature. The allowance for the insertion of insoles of your own personal choice is a bonus point altogether. For those male nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis, these shoes are a perfect choice.

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip on Work Shoe

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Designed for the hard-working professionals, especially nurses, and doctors, KEEN Utility Shoes are for those individuals who spend a considerable amount of time standing on their feet. 

Lined with a breathable leather, the shoe has a lightly padded collar for not just sturdy durability but also comfort.

The shoes are made of leather but are surprisingly water resistant. It also has a touch of elasticity due to which taking them off or wearing them in a hurry become a matter of seconds, which is useful for emergency situations in the hospitals. The memory foam insole is removable and is made from polyurethane. The EVA midsole supports your feet during long hours of duty like no other shoe does and prevents pain from doing so. Since it is also slip resistant, it makes the job done in wet environments safer and easier, a firm footing providing adequate balance.

This shoe not only makes you look and feel good, but it also ensures that you do not fail to work hard. The waterproof leather provides stability while making it all too easy to wipe and clean properly and in a matter of minutes. If back issues are your literal pain, you can always rely on these to provide you with relief within a few days.

Ways to Choose the Best Nursing Shoes

Look for the Correct Size

While selecting shoes specific to your work, the correct size is essential. Too short, and the feet will cramp up. Too long, and it will trip you over should you ever need to run. A perfect fit is what you must look for first. Try on shoes of your normal size, and then try on a pair bigger than your size. Walk around in them, and be aware of any pain or rubbing.

Comfort Is Important

Just because a pair of shoes says it is waterproof or slip resistant, doesn’t mean that you should buy them immediately. A great pair of shoes should also provide excellent comfort for your feet. It should not be hard to walk around in them, or it defeats the purpose. Keep this in mind with religious vigor whenever you decide on a pair.

Choose Slip Resistant Shoes

While looking for shoes to wear in a hospital scenario, very often people overlook the fact that hospital floors are sometimes slippery. Liquids might be spilled, and you might be required to run right through the spot once an emergency strikes. It’s not only unsightly to fall down on a patch of wet floor, but also unprofessional, and you might end up hurting others and yourself in the process. To make sure that you don’t break your bones while mending the bones of others, look for shoes that are specifically designed to resist slipping and sliding. Ask the store clerk to help you out if unsure, and keep an eye out for SATRA and ASTM stickers as they are of the highest qualities.

Skip the Heels

Heels are noisy, they click on surfaces. They might look good with your uniform in general, but after hours of standing on your feet, your legs will give out. They also cause feet and backache, stiffness, and bad posture. All in all, they aren’t ideal for the taxing job of nursing, so stay away from any form of heels and choose flats for maximum reliability on the clock.

Look for Proper Materials

There are plenty of options available in the market, but sticking to the traditional options might be a better choice. While choosing polymer might make it easier for cleaning the shoes, for the nursing job, materials like leather, suede, rubber, polyurethane, and polypropylene work best. Stay away from cloth materials, as they aren’t water resistant, and they also tend to get dirty quickly.

The Style Quotient

Shoes maketh a man, and a woman, regardless of the jobs they are in. It might sound boring to wear clogs and crocs all the time as nurses, but there are plenty of good-looking shoes which can liven up your uniform. Although, it might be best not to sacrifice comfort for the sake of good looks, for nursing is a job full of demands.

Debunking Some Myths

One common misconception about such shoes is that they are specially designed to be great running shoes. While this is not totally wrong, but there is far more to it. Such shoes are generally lightweight, even more so than the average shoes. It is made so keeping the fact in mind that nurses are usually walking or running around the place doing their various duties, hence, these shoes does not make them worry about the additional weight on their feet.

This in itself makes a huge difference in how your feet feel at the end of a long day. Moreover, the soles are made in such a way that the stress is decreased around the spine and the legs. Lastly, hospital shoes are generally slip-ons, meaning that during an emergency period, a resting nurse can be instantly ready for service.

While nurses are fine wearing tennis shoes, after a while, their feet do begin to show signs of excess stress, resulting in pain and fatigue. This is not desirable at all, and hence, tennis shoes are not enough to provide comfort and balance. Experimenting with different shoes is the key to a perfect pair of shoes that not only look professional but also comfortable.

Importance of Having the Right Pair of Nursing Shoes

Most professional nurses know that the key to a good pair of nursing shoes lies with how effective a pair can support during spillage and such since wet floors are a constant occupational hazard. While most jobs require being seated at least 50% of the time, nurses do not have that liberty. Hence, in a job where they have to rely on their feet as much as on their brains and hands, their care cannot be kept in the backseat. Furthermore, their work usually lasts for more than or at least up to 12 hours, and it’s not unusual for them to work double or triple shifts at a time. Hence basic feet care is a part of their jobs.

It isn’t that hard to find shoes designed specifically designed for medical professionals? If your local shoe store does not have these specially made shoes, trying online might help. Given below is a list of fashionable yet comfortable and work appropriate shoes that can help the task of searching for one easier:

The Bottom Line

No one needs a high-quality, comfortable yet durable pair of shoes more than a nurse, because if shoes are not properly fitted, is shorter or narrow, the feet will sing songs of agony at the end of the shift. Choosing the right pair for your needs is essential and must be done with utmost care, as it is not merely shopping for shoes, but shopping for a lifestyle. Moreover, if you aren’t able to comfort yourself, it becomes taxing to comfort others in the times of need. Happy feet indeed do make up a happy nurse.

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