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Best for most people: Orthaheel Relax Slipper
Budget-friendly pick: Isotoner Terry Embroidered Scalloped Clog

Whether you need an answer to your problem of aching in your foot and heel, or you’re just searching for something decent to back up your feet in the house, all you want is a pair of arch support slippers. A number of reasons factor into the pain you experience every day in your feet. Maybe you are a little overweight, work out vigorously, or have high arches or flat feet. It is a must to keep the strain off of your plantar fascia tendon so that you do not cultivate plantar fasciitis. This condition is quite painful, so you want to avoid it all costs. Hence, you need a suitable arch support which will assuage the pressure you put on your plantar fascia every day.

Best Slippers with Arch Support - Top Picks

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Provide the Right Support to Your Heels with These Slippers

Orthaheel Relax Slipper

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Podiatrists have designed these slippers for women to provide them the proper heel and arch spaces. 

They keep excessive pronation at bay, while at the same time helping you to take a good stride. They can be adjusted with convenience to make them the precise fit for your feet.

They offer the ultimate slipper comfort through the plush polyester that goes into the making of their upper. In addition to giving your feet a secure fit, a hook closure, and an adjustable loop make the task of putting them on and taking them off a lot easier. The biomechanical footbed which is made of 100% polyester terry fabric, embedded in these slippers, supplements the already extra comfort you get from them. The shocks are absorbed by an EVA midsole, hence the stress on your feet, knees, and ankles is diminished to a great extent. These slippers come with a TPR outsole, so they can be used indoors without any trouble as their fabric has been designed for this purpose.

All the support that your feet need at home is offered by these relaxing slippers. They are particularly comfortable for the people inflicted with over pronation and heel plantar fasciitis. Their softness and grounding will assist in quickly eliminating your aches. Their bottom features a flexible plastic, so you will have no issues in going out for a stroll while wearing them. Their durability is an added bonus. Without their structural alignment and integrity wearing off, they will be your companion for several years. In short, if you have a foot problem, you will not regret buying these slippers.

Isotoner Terry Embroidered Scalloped Clog

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You all have different preferences when it is time to select a good pair of slippers. 

Some of you look for versatility and durability, while the rest of you prefer to be more comfortable than fashionable. But these are the women’s slippers that will provide you with all of these things in a single pair. Your feet will have plenty of satisfaction once you put them on, with all their awesome features. It will keep you warm for the whole day while at the same time keeping them relaxed.

You can slip them on quite easily with the convenience of its open backed designing. And your feet will be pretty secure in them too. The nice foam insole provides you with decent backing and comfort in addition to allowing your feet to adjust. Terry fabric has been used for the inside lining of these slippers, which specializes in providing warmth. You can look for any cons of this product as long as you want, but you will have nothing to really criticize them for.

An added feature is their outdoor sole, so you can just walk out in these and collect your mail of the day. It is also highly stable and provides traction. But it is still recommended that you minimize their outdoor usage. Cleaning them is not messy at all as they can be washed in a machine.

Orthaheel Gemma Slipper

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This is among the best of women’s slippers that come with an arch support. If you are one of those women who prefer to both comfortable and stylish even while you’re at your home, then these innovative slippers are the perfect deal for you. 

Their plush upper will make you feel like just want to stay at home all day as you wish these slippers to grace your feet for the whole day. It features a synthetic lining, combined with a padded footbed for increased relaxation during the day as well as night. And the precise amount of traction required while you complete your indoor chores is given by the sturdy rubber outsole the other hand.

It is so soothing a slipper that you could be lured to even fall asleep in them. While the fabric has been used for the upper material, the sole of these slippers is synthetic. So even if you need to wear them the whole day, they will be convenient as well as light on your feet. Thus, these Orthaheel slippers are a painless, naturally healing and convenient answer to everyone who suffers from the common aches and pains caused by a wrong alignment of the lower limbs.

They employ a clinically proven technology. It assists in diminishing too much pronation, which has proved to be a major reason behind plantar fasciitis. Their footbed has an EcoFresh antibacterial which also reduces odors so that your feet maintain their freshness throughout the day. In addition to all of this, their fabric covered TPR outsoles use the designing of a wave-patterned tread. This makes sure that there are maximum stability and traction. An orthotic foot bed is integrated into the Orthaheel slippers to ensure a good arch support.

Sorel Falcon Ridge Slipper

Editor's Rating:

You need your feet warm if you have any hope of relaxing yourself inside your home. 

This is where such a comfortable pair of slippers comes in. your comfort is ensured by the EVA footbed which is removable and the suede upper. If you happen to be indoors, you will have a good amount of traction with their organic rubber outsole. Hence, the advanced technologies used in designing these slippers make them an excellent alternative.

The luxurious leather that has been used in the manufacturing of these wonderful slip-ons is shaped by its bound seams. Your diligent feet receive a warm welcome with the wool blend linings featured by its interior. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite drink in the comfort of your home, or out to collect your mail, you can rely on the natural rubber of these slippers to keep your feet steady for the whole day.

Different colors such as brown, bark, shale and marsh are available for the Sorel Falcons. Simply select the one that appeals to you the most and be on your road to a day of unrivaled comfort along with a trendy appearance. You can notice their perfect construction the moment you take them out from their box and put them on your feet. Its thick sole, heavy thread hemming and the multi-strand work in conjunction with each other to ensure that these slippers keep you warm for a long while. The soles are quite elastic despite being thick, so you won’t have any problem while walking in them. They permit your feet to move naturally and will be true to the contours of your feet. These Ridge slippers are so great an addition to your footwear that by the time they finally wear out, which is going to take time, you will want the same slippers once again.

Orthofeet Ashe Ville Slippers

Editor's Rating:

Your comfort and the usability of a slipper is what go behind the making of these particular slippers. It has a spacious opening and detachable anatomical insole which make it super adjustable. 

You can replace the detachable insole with whichever gel shoe inserts you prefer to wear. This feature is especially convenient if you suffer from arthritis or if your feet are diabetic and you need the best in comfort and support.

The expansive opening makes slipping them on and taking them off a breeze. It comes with a leather upper, along with a sophisticated and intricate stitch detailing. You get added support, cushioning and relaxation with the synthetic wool embedded in its interior. An adjustable strap is attached securely at the instep. The primary purpose of this strap is to enhance the fitting by opening up the side and top of these slippers. It comes in two variations – medium and wide widths. This allows people with both kinds of feet to take advantage of these slippers by Orthofeet. So choose the size that is best for your feet.

It has an outsole made from rubber. This is especially convenient for performing your array of chores in the morning and then a quick walk out of your house to get the mail. This is the preferred alternative for battling your heel pain due to its wool interior and ergonomic stride. So I’ll remind you once again of what all these men’s slippers have to offer you – supportive straps, a rubber sole, a detachable insole, and a supportive arch.

Advantages of Arch Support Slippers

Slippers with decent orthotic components are quite beneficial to your feet. It’s true that they might lack a full ankle support, but the arch support they provide is also very necessary. Your only other choice is to wear nothing on your feet and go barefoot, which I strongly advise you against. People have faced success in reducing the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, all by adding arch support slippers into their footwear collection. Let us see exactly how such slippers provide you an edge.

You generally take off your supportive shoes when getting back home from your workplace. By doing so, you lose all your arch support for the leftover time of the day. And then you stay barefoot at your home, which actually makes your plantar fasciitis worse. So if you start wearing arch support slippers, you will get continued support for your arches even after get back to the comfort of your house.

These slippers can be worn even while you are off on an errand, in addition to being great for using at home as well. An added bonus is that when you switch your footwear on a daily basis, there is much less abrasion of your regular orthotics and footwear. The ease with which they can be slipped on and off is in itself a motivation to use them. And of course, they provide unparalleled warmth and comfort to your lovely feet!

How to Choose Your Arch Support Slippers

Wear and Tear

As your footwear passes more time, they get out of condition owing to their regular usage. This loosens them up in the most critical areas, the ones that provide you arch support. So if you notice a decrease in your level of comfort and cushioning, you need to get a new pair. 300 miles is the average for the lifespan of such slippers.

Sturdy Heels

There shouldn’t be a lot of roll or play in your heels while you are out running or walking. Thus, you need to ensure that your slippers have a firm and stiff heel area which is comparatively near your heel edges. Both too tight as well as too loose are bad choices, so you need something that is a middle ground. It might seem like a difficult job to find such a balanced pair, but most of the arch support slippers have been designed with the help of expert opinions.

Decent Arch Support

Without this feature, your fallen arches will still be in full contact with your foot bed continuously. Your ligaments and tendons will suffer continued strain which results in a lot of pain. Arches in our slippers elevate your foot in the requisite zone so that your upper body weight is not pressurized. Think of it like this – they are the foundation stones for a building, whose aim is to carry the weight of the whole building. They are meant to be used at home, or while walking.


A lot of good options for arch support slippers have been listed here. People just like you, suffering from various kinds of pain in their feet, have successfully diminished that pain to a great extent. You might even experience instant relief from the pain when you put them on. In other words, they are a terrific addition to your daily footwear regime. It is certainly better to have slippers without complete foot support than to go barefoot. Everybody has their own supportive slipper out there just waiting for them.

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